Deadline 30 December 2009


1.     The Juanelo Turriano Foundation announces its V edition of the “GARCÍA-DIEGO” International Prize, of 12,000 euro, on the subject “History of Technology Research”, in any branch.

2.     Any Spanish or foreign individuals presenting an original, unpublished work may participate in the competition.

3.     All works opting for the prize shall have a “Theme” stated clearly on the front cover and may not be signed or directly identified in any way whatsoever. Participants shall submit a sealed envelope together with their work, containing a full, detailed, unequivocal identification of the author or authors of the work.

4.     The work shall be submitted no later than 18:00 on 30 DECEMBER 2009, at the offices of the
Juanelo Turriano Foundation                                                                       
c/ Zurbano  nº 41, 1ª Planta 
28010 Madrid (Spain)

5.     The work shall be submitted in three copies, written in Spanish, with an introduction containing an executive summary of the contents and a report, having a sufficient length to enable its publication in the form of a book with approximately 200 pages. The work will be presented on standard paper 210 x 297 mm., with 1.5 line spacing and top and bottom margins of 2.54 cm. The document will also be delivered on a data carrier.
6.     The competition will be judged discretionally by the Jury, consisting of a representative of the Foundation and high level academic and cultural figures. The composition and identity of its members will be published together with the decision. The Prize may not be awarded if the works presented do not conform to the rules of the competition or lack the necessary quality.
7.     All works other than the prize-winner will be returned to their authors, identified exclusively by the “Theme”, on presentation of the receipt issued when submitted.
8.     The prize-winning work may be published by the Foundation should it deem fit, in which case it will be named sponsor of the study. If published, the copyright of the first edition will be assigned to the Juanelo Turriano Foundation. If the Foundation decides not to publish the work, it shall also be deemed to waive its rights in favour of the author, but whenever it is published, the Foundation must be clearly named as sponsor of the study.